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Web-based video series that used the format of an art talk show. Each episode focuses on a different theme such as “jargon” or “community.” We seek to answer questions through interviews with participants within the arts and various other fields, both within Kansas City as well as in communities spread nationally. As the flagship program for the collective, Critical Discourse uses our visibility as practitioners as a platform for others to explain their perspectives.

Video series in which we turn the lens towards ourselves to examine complicated aspects of the art world, such as power and visibility. Staged in a theatrical living room, the series is both ironic and explicitly critical as we use our own collective as a case study.

Video series of brief studio visits with artists. Both playful and short, these studio visits allow a glimpse into the spaces and minds of practicing makers.

Print publication that plays with the encyclopedic format to explore specialized language within artspeak. Rather than presenting an exhaustive list of definitions, however, GBGK is associative and visual, intended to open possibilities and encourage readers to seek new connections.

A pair of billboards in the Crossroads Arts District near downtown Kansas City. Our ArtBoards build upon our foundation of dialogue, presenting a close-up of our faces with the slogan-like imperative “LET’S TALK.” This text concisely sums up our mission as a collective – to engage in critical conversation – as well as the implicit message that before we can arrive at understanding, we must be willing to speak and listen to one another.

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