our process

*The following outline explains our structure and underlying philosophy for meaningful design, particularly as it relates to visual identity systems and brand strategy. In practice, this process involves greater areas of overlap and client collaboration than such a linear description can easily encapsulate.

1. Research

Creating any great solution begins with diagnosing the problem. At the beginning of all client relationships we work to understand your business, your goals, and your competition with clarity. Our discovery process includes stakeholder conversations as well as audits and analyses so that we have a strong, holistic foundation upon which to build.

2. Develop

During our development phase we put the proverbial pen to paper, exploring broadly to generate a suite of sketches for you to review. Working together to identify the most promising direction, we take an iterative approach to refinement so that the outcome is highly crafted, unique, and embodies your core values. Our strategic survey and design studies result in a cohesive visual system, including everything from logo and colors to typefaces and custom icon sets.

3. Document

As crucial as great design elements are on their own, the true differentiator for visionary companies comes through your defining characteristic: vision for the yet to be realized. We help you build a future-proof brand through documentation that goes beyond simply presenting elements to explaining the reasons underlying each decision and showing the system in action. Telling your story this way empowers and inspires your team with practical and efficient guidelines for consistent communication while the shared knowledge that comes with great documentation helps you build brand ambassadors within your ranks.

4. Implement

As invested collaborators with a deep knowledge of the tools and best practices within design, marketing, and visual communication, we work with you in whatever way best suits your business to optimize implementation. We create the deliverables and templates you need to succeed — slide decks, professional documents, social media posts and whatever other manner of collateral might help you land leads!

5. Report

Through a combination of quantitative and qualitative assessment we are able to measure the success of our work together. Depending on the channels activated, we may use analytics tools or collect input from within your target audience to determine which approaches have generated the greatest return. Additionally, through team trainings we ensure everyone in-house feels connected to the brand and can live it daily.

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