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Educators & artists

Way back in 2017 two optimistic educators had an idea: what if we combined our creative forces to do something entirely new? As colleagues working side by side at the Kansas City Art Institute, we knew we made a good team. We also knew that art and design were often surrounded by mystification and confusing artspeak. A mission was born: a collective in pursuit of understanding.

Together we took on a name that playfully sums up our rejection of argot (more popularly known as jargon). Pronounced like argonauts, our shared identity reflects our search. Rather than chasing a golden fleece, however, our quest is a little less tangible — though perhaps more meaningful — as we not only pursue great design but also empower others with what we learn along the way.

Passion & empathy

Through a year-long studio residency at the Charlotte Street Foundation we explored video and multimedia installation, tongue-in-cheek photography and a set of billboards inscribed with our manifesto-like motto: let’s talk. We began to see that the roots of our shared practice — humor, language, and a passion for telling stories — also happened to be exactly what we loved most about design (and teaching, for that matter). So, a mission was revised: a collective in pursuit of understanding and like-minded partners passionate about telling their stories.

Today, we’re a small team with a whole lot of heart — call us a boutique agency, perhaps — that creates bold brand systems for cutting edge companies. To make sure everyone we work with gets our best white glove service, we prefer to partner with just a few clients at a time. We believe in building relationships by building trust — understanding always starts with listening, after all. 

Collaboration by design

Whether you’re creating the foundation for a young business, breathing new life into a legacy brand, or have a particular set of design needs, we’d love to meet and find out if we’re the right fit for a great collaboration.

Let's talk.

Drop us a line and let us know how we can help your business thrive.